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Sean McNally

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Sean McNally comes from a long line of legal professionals, with four generations of the family having practiced law in Michigan consistently since 1927. The son of the longest serving judge in the history of Michigan’s 33rd District Court, Sean knows what it takes to succeed in litigation against major insurance companies. Sean is a zealous advocate in the courtrooms who takes very seriously the attorney/client relationship and the responsibility of handling a client’s case. He takes pride in representing individuals in their times of need and works tirelessly to bring them the justice they deserve.

After graduating from Trenton High School in 2006, Sean attended James Madison College at Michigan State University, graduating in 2010. He attended Wayne State University Law School, focusing on studies that would help in with civil litigation, and received his law degree in 2013. Since being admitted to the State Bar of Michigan in 2013, Sean takes great personal pride in upholding the high standards of integrity and work ethic in the legal profession.

Sean is a member of the Michigan Association for Justice and participates in the Downriver Bar Association. In his free time, Sean enjoys playing golf with friends and family, as well as playing basketball to keep in shape.