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Southfield Insurance Claim Lawyers

No one ever expects to be involved in an accident that causes serious injury or even property damage, but most of us make sure we have insurance in case the unexpected happens. However, the toils associated with an accident don’t just disappear with insurance coverage. In some situations, an insurance company can make an already difficult circumstance all the more challenging by denying a rightful claim or acting in bad faith.

Insurance Claim Denial

Consumers trust that insurance companies will fulfill their duties in acting fairly as well as timely when providing proper coverage for damages included under a particular plan. By acting in good faith, an insurance company is expected to promptly respond to any inquires you may have and notify you of any precise reasons why a claim has been denied.

It can seem like the easy way out to simply accept an insurance claim denial so that you can move on with your life. But will you really be able to? Auto accidents can cause life-altering injuries that require months, if not years, of medical treatment, as well as time off work to recover. Automobile insurance is supposed to help you balance the expenses associated with your accident, especially if you were involved in a Southfield car accident caused by an underinsured or uninsured driver. If an insurance company found reasons to deny your claim instead of trying to determine how to pay you in the most efficient way possible, then you may be able to prove that the insurance company acted in bad faith with the help of a Michigan insurance claims lawyer.

The scope of Michigan insurance claims is extensive, affecting the lives of thousands of people in relation to life, health, disability, home, and vehicle insurance policies. You have every right to expect your insurance company to support you during your time of need in the event of an accident. This is what paying your premiums does. Unfortunately, though, some insurance companies will put their profits before the wellbeing of clients, denying lawful claims in an effort to save money and cut costs.

Taking a Stand

It is important for accident victims as well as family members of wrongful death victims to remember that they may be entitled to a higher amount of compensation than the insurance company offers right off the bat. Most people don’t want to believe that an insurance company would collect premiums only to then fail to pay out on claims or provide the fair or accurate value on an insurance claim, but this type of disservice and injustice does happen. Even if an insurance company intimidates or threatens you with legal action with the belief that you’ll back down, you should never give up or deny yourself of your legal rights in pursuing the compensation that is rightfully owed to you.

The Michigan insurance claim attorneys at Lipton Law are committed to working tirelessly and efficiently for our clients. In our many years of experience helping injury victims obtain successful results in insurance claims, we have a firm foundation in insurance law and personal injury law and will apply our legal knowledge and resources to your case. Call our Southfield personal injury lawyers today to find out more about how we can help.