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Southfield Delayed Diagnosis Lawyers

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), detecting cancer through screening tests while the disease is in its early stages provides patients with a better chance at receiving treatment that is more effective. The same statement rings true for any other medical condition or complication: the bottom line is that patients whose disease is identified and treated in a timely manner are much more likely to survive their illness than patients whose medical condition is not found until symptoms are severe, which often occurs when it is too late for effectual treatment.

Diagnosing Patients Properly and Timely

Significant funding has been devoted to creating and improving early warning systems for cancer, in addition to other diseases and conditions, with the hope that physicians and other medical professionals will be given the tools they need to properly read the signs of a patient’s ailments. Unfortunately however, often there is a delay in diagnosing a patient’s medical condition and treatment is not initiated until far more serious symptoms materialize. When this occurs, anyone who has suffered further complications, or become more ill, would be well-advised to consult with a Southfield misdiagnosis attorney to learn how to hold the appropriate medical professional accountable for their negligence and oversight. Family members of a patient who dies as a result of a delayed diagnosis would be advised to take similar action.

There are certain screening tests available to physicians and other medical professionals in order to detect cancer and other diseases and conditions while they are still in their early stages. However, often these tests are not utilized, are not utilized until it is too late, or the results are misinterpreted. There are several factors that can result in a patient not undergoing the proper screening tests, such as the patient’s appearance and age, in addition to the lack or abundance or complex symptoms.

When a patient is given a delayed diagnosis for their cancer or another disease or medical condition, this can be considered medical malpractice. Medical malpractice can be grave, happening when appropriate screenings are not administered by a physician or other medical professional, or if the results from a test or biopsy are misread, or if other facts result in the wrong assumption, such action and/or inaction. This is particularly true if the patient is diagnosed eventually with cancer or another disease or condition, and starts a difficult and lengthy battle that may involve incapacitating radiation and/or chemotherapy therapies, one or more invasive surgeries, and other strenuous and exhausting treatments.

Determining Negligence in Delayed Diagnosis Cases

If you believe your doctor or another medical professional failed to diagnose your disease in a timely fashion, contact Lipton Law. Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers can thoroughly review your medical records in order to determine whether negligence occurred. We can also help you understand the legal rights given to you in such situations and explain the best course of action based upon the specifics of your circumstances. We may also be able to help you receive damages from a negligent doctor or other medical professional for your suffering and related losses. Call our law offices to find out how we can provide the legal assistance you need.