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No-Fault Insurance Benefit Types

Even though the law requires every motorist in Michigan to have no-fault insurance in case they are injured in an auto accident, a lot of drivers are not familiar with what type of benefits no-fault actually covers. Unfortunately, this unawareness is what insurance companies thrive on. Whether you would like to believe it or not, insurance companies often contact people who have been injured in accidents, claiming that they only have a few benefits under no-fault insurance. The truth of the matter is, there are many different types of Michigan no-fault insurance benefits that you may deserve, so do not back down if bullied by an insurance adjuster, believing you are not entitled to any, certain, or all, no-fault benefits.

Injuries caused by car crashes have far-reaching effects that far too frequently seem to turn a person's life upside down. There is not only pain and suffering, and even emotional trauma, but there are unexpected and sudden expenses that quickly accumulate. To help a person get back on their feet, no matter what your insurance company has told you, Michigan no-fault insurance benefits include the following:

  • Attendant Care Service – This refers to the payment of benefits for various forms of care and supervision given to the accident victim while they are recovering from their injuries. Depending on the severity of a person's injuries, they may receive attendant care services for the rest of their life.
  • Case Management Service – Because there is so much to sort through and organize after a car crash, services are often needed from a nurse case manager to help an accident victim with regard to medical needs, coordination of care, and other matters.
  • Expenses, Medical Bills, Prescription Costs, etc. – Injuries brought about or made worse by a vehicle accident can lead to an accumulation of expenses for doctor visits, rehabilitation, prescription medications, and other types of care and treatment. Benefits that pay for these expenses make all the difference for a person's recovery and wellbeing.
  • Home Modification or Accommodation – A person who suffers serious injuries that will heal over the course of years, especially someone who suffers catastrophic injuries that will last a lifetime, frequently needs their current home modified. In some instances, a person may require a new home to be built to accommodate their social and physical needs.
  • Household Chores and Replacement Service – This may not sound like a big deal, but simple tasks around the home, such as cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, taking out the trash, and even keeping up a lawn and yard, become almost impossible tasks to a seriously injured individual. These types of benefits provide payment for household chores and assistance carried out by a family member of the accident victim or another person. You can receive these benefits for up to three years after the date of your accident.
  • Medical Mileage and Mileage Expense Benefits – There are times when even traveling to the nearest hospital or medical facility takes a financial toll. Payment for travel expenses is provided to accident victims for when they need to get to and from the hospital, physical therapy center, and doctor's office.
  • Special Transportation and Vehicle Alteration – When getting from one medical appointment to another, or simply getting to physical therapy, transportation can be an issue. This is why payment is provided for a person's vehicle, or that of their families, to be altered to fit their needs. These benefits also cover special transportation with equipment suitable for working around an individual's injuries or disabilities.
  • Survivor's Loss – These payments of benefits relate to expenses caused by the wrongful death of an individual in a car accident experienced by surviving family members. These expenses include loss of earnings or wages, funeral costs, and other damages.
  • Wage and Income Loss Benefits – Sometimes a person is not capable of returning to their form of employment because of the injuries they have sustained in a vehicle crash. These benefits cover lost wages and income for up to three years if they are making an active effort to find a job or are temporarily out of work.

Obtaining the Benefits You Deserve to Secure Your Future

No-fault insurance benefits can be obtained through the filing of a written Application for No-Fault Benefits with the right no-fault insurance company who has precedence for paying your claims. However, as mentioned previously, this process is far from simple and can quickly become complicated and even threatened by deceptive insurance practices.

Whether you have been injured or are helping your family member who has been injured in a Michigan car accident, be proactive about doing your no-fault insurance research. Do not settle for less than what you are legally owed. At Lipton Law, our Southfield MI no-fault benefit claim attorneys are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are available for a consultation at 248-557-1688.

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