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Southfield Auto Insurance Claim Lawyers

With so many auto insurance policies out there, it can be intimidating trying to choose the right one. However, don't let this challenge stop you from getting the auto insurance policy that best protects you in case you are ever involved in a Southfield car accident.

Michigan Auto Insurance Requirements

All drivers in Michigan are required by law to have an automobile insurance policy with no-fault benefits. These benefits provide coverage for expenses relating to medical bills, rehabilitation fees, wages lost, and other expenses associated with a person's injuries after an accident. Conversely, Michigan's no-fault insurance benefits do not cover vehicle damage. As a consequence, vehicle owners and motorists in Michigan may want to buy additional types of auto insurance as well as the mandatory, basic no-fault coverage.

Michigan's Essential Insurance Act was passed in 1979 and is structured to make auto insurance accessible to all eligible Michigan citizens. Some of the most common forms of auto insurance include Residual Liability Insurance (increased limits), Physical Damage Insurance (collision and comprehensive), Limited Property Damage Liability Insurance (mini-tort), and Uninsured Motorists Insurance.

Auto Insurance Policy Discounts

The main reason there are uninsured or underinsured drivers out there is because of poor finances. While times may be tough, cutting out an auto insurance policy is never a good idea. If you do not have auto insurance and are involved in an accident, you could face being sued and thus increase your money problems.

On the bright side, a person's total insurance premium can be reduced through various types of discounts provided by auto insurance companies. A few typical types of discounts are based on group (more than one person insured under the same policy), multi-policy (if you have two or more policies with the same insurance company, i.e. homeowners and auto policies), insurance credit score, safety features (anti-lock brakes, air bags, anti-theft devices), good student, student away from school, and claim or ticket free.

Adding To The Required No-Fault Auto Insurance Policy

It is common for most people injured or involved in a car accident to be unsure of what types of benefits and coverage they are eligible to receive. While no-fault auto insurance in Southfield MI takes care of a handful of expenses, there are many other expenses that no-fault does not even begin to cover. Here are some additional auto insurance coverage options that can be added to a person's no-fault policy:

  • Residual Liability Insurance (increased limits) – Even a person who is insured under a no-fault policy may want to think about getting extra limited liability coverage, which provides many different combinations of coverage for injuries and property damage.
  • Physical Damage Insurance (collision and comprehensive) - Collision Coverage pays for the repair or replacement of your vehicle if it suffers damage in a collision. Some forms of collision coverage include: Limited Collision Without a Deductible, Broad Form Collision Coverage, Limited Collision With a Deductible, and Regular/Standard Collision. Comprehensive Coverage takes care of financial repercussions associated with your vehicle being stolen, colliding with an animal, or being damaged by accident in a fire, flood, by falling objects, and due to vandalism. Personal items in your vehicle that are damaged or stolen typically do not fall under auto insurance policies.
  • Limited Property Damage Liability Insurance (mini-tort) – This type of coverage can help out motorists who are found to be 50 percent or more at-fault in an accident and are sued for damages to another individual's vehicle that are not covered under collision insurance.
  • Uninsured Motorists Insurance – This coverage provides compensation for pain and suffering in addition to excess wage loss if a person is involved in an accident with a hit and run driver or an uninsured motorist. Benefits under this coverage may be paid to surviving family members of a wrongful death victim. A motorist may also want to get underinsured motorist coverage in case they are involved in a crash with a driver who has limited or minimal insurance.

Getting The Benefits You Are Entitled To

Even the most insured driver can encounter problems with their insurance company when filing a claim for benefits they are entitled to. At Lipton Law, our Southfield auto insurance claim attorneys know the ins-and-outs of claims involving the varying types of auto insurance policies, including those specific to no-fault benefits. To ensure your rights are upheld, call our lawyers today at 248-557-1688.

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