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It is common for most people not to know what a personal injury is, even if they themselves or a loved one are involved in a Michigan personal injury accident. Personal injury refers to any injury that is caused by another person’s or entity’s negligence, carelessness, or oversight. In a large number of accidents, personal injury results in significant financial loss due to steep medical bills, lost wages from time off work to recover, and the costs of rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other types of medical care.

A personal injury claim in Michigan allows an injured individual the opportunity to hold those responsible for their injuries, damages and suffering, accountable under the law. By holding a negligent individual or entity liable, a personal injury lawsuit also helps prevent other people from experiencing life-altering injuries as well as the emotional and financial consequences that often occur.

Causes of Personal Injury

Some common causes of personal injury or physical harm caused by another’s reckless behavior or negligence include:

Unfortunately, these common causes of personal injury in Michigan are only the tip of the iceberg. No one ever expects to be injured in an accident, but because a person chooses to drink and drive, text while driving, or a truck driver decides to falsify their hour log book and drive while fatigued, personal injury accidents happen every day. In addition, the last thing an individual anticipates is to be harmed by a product that is defective, poorly designed, or mislabeled due to manufacturer error or negligence. Evaluating the events that led to personal injury can be a complex process, especially when a patient suffers injury or illness at the hospital, during surgery, or due to the misdiagnosis of a disease.

Shortcomings of Insurance Coverage

While it makes sense to assume that insurance will cover the expenses surrounding an accident caused by another person’s negligence, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a person doesn’t have enough coverage under their policy to actually cover what is necessary, and in other instances, the person responsible for the injury accident can be held liable to compensate a personal injury victim for what insurance doesn’t cover.

What to Do After a Personal Injury Accident

There is a lot on a person’s mind after being injured in a Michigan motor vehicle accident, slip and fall accident, or dog attack. Seeking medical attention is essential after suffering an injury in any type of accident, especially a car crash where the initial shock may make you feel as though you didn’t sustain an injury. Pain and injuries can show themselves hours or even weeks after an accident, which is why it is always best to get checked out by a medical professional immediately after an accident, no matter how minor.

At Lipton Law, our Southfield Michigan personal injury attorneys know this is a tough time. That is why we are here to help you receive the compensation that you need to fully recover from your injuries without suffering financially. In our many years of experience protecting the rights of personal injury victims in a wide range of accidents and incidents of negligence, our accident lawyers in Michigan have the knowledge and resources to build effective cases on our clients’ behalf. Call us today at 248-557-1688 to find out more about how we can help you with your personal injury case.