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Success Stories

  • Nearly four years after more than 300 patients in Michigan were infected with fungal meningitis - 19 of whom died - a contaminated steroids class-action suit settles for $10.5 Million. Many of Michigan attorneys and firms supported Lipton for the head of the Michigan committee, which Lipton called “a combination of stepping up and being pushed forward.” “Unbridled greed combined with absolutely poor management and processes [were] in place,” said Lipton, of Lipton Law. “They were acting like a manufacturer but were operating as a compounder and using that loophole to avoid safety requirements.”
  • A former Oakland county star high school quarterback and college athlete is unnecessarily electrocuted and dies. One year later, his wife and children come to Lipton Law. We discover that his electrocution was caused by the power companies’ failure to follow their own design standards and national codes. After putting their engineers under oath, the family receives the millions they are entitled to, allowing his young widow to raise her children in dignity and financial security.
  • A Detroit resident trusts a major local hospital to perform a routine cardiac procedure safely. After the operation, the residents following him ignore his developing vision loss. 2 years later, after other attorneys tell him nothing can be done, he comes to Lipton Law. We put together a nationwide team of specialists in surgery, critical care and ophthalmology, and successfully recover a million dollars for our client, who now has a home and can afford the lifetime of care he needs.
  • A thirty-four year old, married mother from South Central Michigan goes to her local emergency room with complaints of chest pain, nausea and vomiting. She sees a doctor who diagnoses a virus and sends her home. Three days later, she dies of a preventable heart attack, leaving her husband to raise their young girl alone. The family calls an Indiana attorney, who calls Lipton Law. After we uncover that the ER doctor was unable to gain admission to any U.S. medical school, the Hospital settles for the full Michigan malpractice cap, and creates a garden on their grounds in her honor.
  • A career tool and die designer at a big three auto manufacturer starts his Semi-retirement with a RV trip to South Carolina. A dump truck starts a chain collision, and the RV gets struck from behind. Lipton Law travels to Florence, South Carolina and tries the case to verdict, receiving over $1.5 million for injuries the Defendants claim are merely “soft tissue”.
  • An upstate woman and her husband are trail riding in northern Michigan near their home. Suddenly, another biker bursts out of the woods, crashing into her and severely injuring her leg. Lipton Law discovers that the State had contracted with a private company to put trail signs at intersections to keep riders safe. When the out of state insurer refuses to settle, Lipton Law achieves a verdict in excess of a million dollars, absolving both riders of negligence and putting responsibility on the company, where it belongs.
  • A local man opens the hood of his girlfriend's luxury car to add coolant. Suddenly, the plastic radiator end tank explodes, scalding his abdomen and genitals with boiling fluid. Lipton Law partners with a California firm, and begins a multiyear legal odyssey. After subpoenaing every dealership in the country, we uncover the truth: thousands of warranty claims, hundreds of dealer complaints to the manufacturer and dozens of similar incidents. After two trials, our client finally receives justice, and today, the manufacturer has improved the warnings they provide the public about the dangers of their product.
  • Three young men are driving on the highway when a van suddenly crosses the median and crashes into their car. All the men survive, but suffer serious injuries. Lipton Law represents the youngest of the three, a man barely out of high school, facing a lifetime of disability and medical care. Lipton Law achieves a multimillion dollar settlement for the young man, while obtaining ongoing reimbursement for the family members who continue to monitor and care for him.
  • A fifty nine year old security guard at a local hospital suffers from chest pains and goes to the Emergency Department. The doctors tell him there's "nothing serious going on" and send him home. He dies of a preventable heart attack. After Lipton Law brings suit, we discover that the doctors have altered the medical records, removing their reassuring statements. Faced with incontrovertible proof of their misconduct, the hospital pays his 69 year old widow over a million dollars, every dime that she is allowed to collect under Michigan's restrictive malpractice statutes.
  • A young college student suffers an unexplainable heart attack, resulting in catastrophic brain damage. No negligence caused it, and no care could have prevented it. When her health insurer refused to pay for her home medical care, Lipton Law took her case for no fee, and persuaded each member of her treatment team to also lend their expertise without charging for their time. Finally, the insurer relented, and now covers the cost of her in home care, allowing her family to ensure that she receives the best care possible.
  • A paralyzed single mother with two children is refused community transportation by her auto insurer, violating Michigan's auto no fault law. Working for no fee, Lipton Law obtains a restraining order and then a permanent injunction, ordering the insurer to meet its obligations to her family. Today, our client still has access to community transportation allowing her to remain part of her community and her children's lives.