Imagine driving down the street. You’re focused on the road, but you notice an odd movement out of the corner of your eye. There, you see a vehicle traveling quickly.

In fact, you realize that the vehicle is going so fast that there is no way it will avoid you. You slam on your brakes, but you can’t stop in time to avoid the other driver’s mistake. You end up in a collision moments later and in the hospital shortly after that. 

Later on, you find out that the reason the person didn’t stop was because she was driving while texting her friends. She wasn’t even looking up when you were hit, according to a witness at the scene.

Sadly, this is all too common today, even though texting behind the wheel is not legal in Michigan. Despite times when the police crack down on texting and driving, people still go back to doing what they ought not to do. What can you do to prevent accidents in the future?

Watch out for people who aren’t watching out for you

First, you should always watch out for people who are driving in an odd way. For instance, weaving is a sign that a person may not be paying attention. Look for vehicles that are speeding and note if a driver isn’t looking ahead. If you can get around the vehicle, do so. You can call the police and report the person’s license plate ID number if you can remember it while pulling over to do so.

Teach others not to text and drive

The best way to help avoid crashes caused by texting drivers is to make sure those drivers aren’t texting in the first place. Talk to your loved ones about the dangers of texting and driving, so they understand the risks.

Talking about the dangers of texting and monitoring the roads can help reduce the overall hazards present. If you’re hit, you should still seek medical help and prepare to file a claim.