When people get older and less able to conduct daily activities, they will likely spend a large portion of the day sitting or lying down. This can cause some parts of the body to be subject to prolonged pressure, and, as a result, bedsores can arise.

While preventing bedsores in elderly nursing home residents cannot always be avoided, they should be treated at the earliest stages. If a nursing home resident is suffering from many bedsores that have not been treated and been allowed to worsen, the patient will be in considerable pain and discomfort. In addition, dangerous complications can arise. It is possible for untreated bedsores to lead to gangrene, cellulitis and even sepsis.

If your loved one is residing in a nursing home and has been suffering from bedsores, you should consider whether you believe that staff has been effectively treating them. If your loved one has suffered as a result of these bedsores and you believe that neglect has occurred, you may be able to take legal action and claim damages. Nursing home staff should be involved in preventative care as well as in administering effective treatment for bedsores.

Preventive care can be effective in reducing bed sores

Immobile elderly people will find it difficult to avoid bedsores. However, the staff should do what they can to prevent them. They should encourage patients to change their position every 15 minutes so that the pressure on the body can be redistributed. They should also aid patients in changing their position so that this can be done safely.

Early treatment is key

The early stages of bedsores do not include the presence of a sore. Instead, a rash or redness usually occurs. Staff should be vigilant and make sure that they are aware when at-risk patients show early signs of bedsores. This will enable the caretakers to administer effective treatment before the issue becomes medically serious and painful for the patient.

It is important that you try to record as much information as possible regarding your loved one’s care if you believe that nursing home neglect has taken place. This will help your chances of being successful when making a legal claim in Michigan.