You know car accidents take tens of thousands of lives every year. You know that your daily commute may be the most dangerous thing you do in your life. You know that you face serious risks on the road. But do you know what those risks really look like? Do you know what the odds are that you will pass away in one of these accidents?

Technically speaking, a lot of different factors contribute to your personal odds. You can get a general picture just by looking at how many people pass away, but it’s often misleading. For instance, if you work at home and only drive your car on the weekends, are your odds really the same as a person with a two-hour commute who has to drive at night, when the odds of a drunk driving accident are highest? Clearly, that person faces greater risks.

With that in mind, here are some of the factors that contribute to your odds of passing away in a crash:

Some of these are related, of course, such as your age and the experience you have. Younger, less experienced drivers have greater chances of being involved in a serious wreck.

Regardless, if you lose a loved one in a crash, you must know what legal options you have to seek compensation from the driver who was responsible.