Personal Injury

Successfully Representing Personal Injury Victims For Decades

Personal injury refers to any injury to a person’s body that is caused by another party’s negligence. Recovering from these preventable accidents can take years and thousands of dollars.

In Michigan, injured individuals can take legal action to hold those responsible for financially accountable. By holding a negligent individual or entity liable, a personal injury lawsuit not only helps the victim receive compensation. It can also prevent other people from experiencing similar life-altering injuries.

Your Well-Being is Our First Priority

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, you deserve justice. At Lipton Law, our personal injury attorneys understand that you’re going through a tough time. Our lawyers are committed to using the law to help you get the results you need so you can move on from your accident. We have the knowledge and resources to build an effective case for you.

Common causes of personal injury or physical harm caused by another’s reckless behavior or negligence that we can help you with include:

Ready to Handle Your Legal Concerns

We know that you have a lot on your mind after you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle crash, slip-and-fall accident or dog attack. Allow us to guide you through the legal process so that you can take care of your health and your loved ones.

We are ready to assist you with your case at any stage of the process. Whether you have already filed your claim or need help taking the first step, we will do our best to make sure that your legal matter is handled promptly.

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