Detroit Couple Dies Following Alleged Drag Racing-Related Crash

drag racing-related crash

Two people died when a Dodge Challenger hit the car they were in. That Challenger allegedly was taking part in a drag race on Detroit’s west side.

Police said the victims, who were identified as a 61-year-old man and a 52-year-old woman, were killed when the driver of the Dodge ran a traffic signal at West Seven Mile Road and Coyle Street.

The investigation is continuing, and surveillance video from a nearby gas station will help to determine just what happened.

“People driving at high rates of speed and you’re not able to control your vehicle — this is one of the consequences of that type of action that a lot of people don’t think about,” the city’s assistant police chief told reporters.

The driver of the Dodge, a 32-year-old man, left the accident site on foot. Police found and arrested him about an hour later. Police were searching for the drivers of the other two cars.

“We would definitely like to identify and interview them, and then make a determination as to their level of involvement,” the assistant police chief said.

The victims were a couple who were just a few blocks away from their home at the time of the accident. They were returning from a trip to the grocery store.

The woman left behind three children.

Because of the apparent negligence and disregard of others, this couple never made it home from a simple outing to buy groceries. Their families undoubtedly are in mourning, but when they are able to, we genuinely hope that they consult with a Michigan wrongful death attorney about recouping costs for their funerals and other final expenses.