Insurance Claims

Ready To Challenge Insurance Companies

When you pay your insurance bills on time and in full, you expect that you will receive a payout that you deserve after an accident. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Insurance companies can make an already difficult situation worse when they deny a rightful claim or act in bad faith.

At Lipton Law, we represent residents in Southfield and the surrounding area who are fighting to receive a fair insurance settlement. Our attorneys have substantial experience helping personal injury victims obtain successful results with complex claims matters. We use our understanding of the insurance industry, its practices and the laws regulating insurers to resolve insurance disputes promptly.

Insurance Claim Denial

You rely on your insurance provider to respond to any concerns you have about the claim process and your claim’s status. In the event your claim is denied, you also expect that you’ll receive a clear explanation for this decision. If you believe that your insurance company found reasons to deny your claim instead of trying to determine how to pay you what you are owed, you may be able to prove the insurance company acted in bad faith.

When you hire us, we will review your claim and any correspondence you received from your insurance company. We know how to establish strong cases for bad faith claims and will challenge insurance providers in court to get the payout that you deserve. Should your insurance company threaten you with legal action, we will defend your right to pursue compensation.

It is important for you to remember that you may be entitled to greater compensation than the insurance company initially offers. If you receive a low payout offer, we can represent you in settlement negotiations. We will not stop fighting until we obtain a just result.

Take a Stand Today

You have every right to expect your insurance company to support you during your time of need following an accident. And when it doesn’t, the personal injury attorneys at Lipton Law can help. We can help you hold insurance companies accountable for their failure to settle within policy limits.

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