Bedsores and Pressure Sores

Bedsore And Pressure Sore Victims Shouldn’t Have To Suffer

Nursing home occupants face a range of health hazards. For these vulnerable individuals, inadequate care can be permanently harmful. Bedsores and pressure sores may be different from other more obvious forms of mistreatment, but they’re no less serious.

Why do the attorneys at Lipton Law care so much? Over the years, we’ve grown to love our place in the close-knit Southfield community. As one of Michigan’s premier sources of legal aid, we believe it’s our duty to provide honest and skilled counsel to nursing home abuse and neglect victims and their families.

A Primer on Nursing Home Pressure Ulcers

Those with medical conditions that require them to stay in bed for prolonged periods face high risks of developing pressure ulcers. These ulcers can form when soft tissues sustain prolonged force or friction.

Bedsores and other pressure ulcers can be prevented by nursing homes that:

  • Rotate patients regularly to stop pressure buildup
  • Provide appropriate nutrition
  • Keep surfaces clean
  • Provide more accommodating sleeping surfaces and wheelchairs

At Lipton Law, we’re known for investigating cases with unfailing thoroughness. We will help you research the legal options based on your circumstances, collect evidence such as wound photos and care records, and call expert witnesses who can help you state your case more clearly.

We devote our full attention to helping our clients establish strong claims that hold negligent nursing homes accountable. It is our goal to prevent other elderly nursing home residents from suffering as your loved one did.

Plan a Smarter Bedsores Case

After your loved one experiences an injury in a nursing home, the last thing you want to do is put them through further pain and suffering. Planning ahead can reduce the amount of time you spend in court, lower your legal costs and make life easier for your loved one. You can rely on us to identify the most effective approach to handling your legal matter.

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