Slip-and-Fall Accidents

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By law, all property owners have a duty to maintain their property so that their visitors are safe while on the premises. Should a dangerous situation exist, the property owner must post warning signs to identify hazards. If an owner fails to maintain their property adequately or provide ample warning, the property owner may be held financially accountable after an accident occurs.

If you were injured due to the negligence of another person or business, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries and other damages. Consulting with a skilled personal injury attorney at Lipton Law can help you understand your legal rights and options. Our lawyers will give you an honest assessment of your case and identify the best course of action to pursue.

Common Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Several hazardous conditions can result in a person falling. We can help you recover compensation for a variety of slip-and-fall injuries, including those caused by:

  • Broken or unrepaired stairs
  • Wet, slippery floors
  • Unstable or broken railings
  • Icy storefront sidewalks
  • Uneven floors
  • Dangerous workplaces and construction sites

Proving Negligence for Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Three factors need to be proven for a slip-and-fall claim to be successful.

  1. Someone created the hazardous condition.
  2. The property owner was aware of the condition, yet they did not take action to change or repair it.
  3. The owner had a reasonable amount of time to become aware of the condition and then fix it.

It can be tough to prove a slip-and-fall accident — especially if the dangerous condition was temporary, such as a wet or icy floor. In these types of situations, it is notoriously difficult to prove negligence without the assistance of a skilled attorney.

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