Michigan Dangerous Road Accidents Lawyer

Was A Dangerous Road To Blame For Your Car Accident?

Many potential factors can result in a car accident, and not all of them involve human error. In most cases, police and insurance companies assume an accident is due to driver negligence before considering other possible factors such as dangerous road conditions.

If you have been injured in an Michigan car accident that was the result of a dangerous road, contact Lipton Law for help. For decades, our car accident attorneys have provided the legal representation that working families need after an accident caused by negligence, oversight or recklessness. We can help you understand your legal options before you file a claim.

Types of Dangerous Roads in Michigan

Many types of dangerous roads can cause a serious or even fatal car crash. Common examples include:

  • Badly designed intersections. If the design of an intersection is inherently flawed, it can cause head-on or T-bone car accidents.
  • Dangerous curves. Roads that have dangerous curves or blind intersections can limit the driver’s line of vision. Drivers can be taken by surprise by sharp turns or oncoming traffic on these roads and get hurt in a crash.
  • Lack of guardrails. Roads need to have guardrails as well as center dividers in place to protect motorists from driving into a ditch or other dangerous conditions.
  • Little to no visibility. Motorists rely on proper lighting to navigate roads and draw attention to others on the road.
  • Poorly maintained roads. Roads that are full of potholes or uneven — or obscured by foliage that blocks visibility — can pose a serious threat to motorists, motorcyclists and bikers.

In each of these situations, we can investigate and examine the history of a particular road or intersection to determine whether the location poses a serious danger and needs to be fixed. Dangerous road conditions can result in a number of car accidents, including rear end accidents.

Michigan Dangerous Road Accident Attorney

It can be difficult to prove liability in this type of accident. Accident victims not only need to prove that the road contributed significantly to the crash but also need to establish that the state or city government responsible for maintaining road safety knew of the dangerous conditions yet failed to make repairs.

At Lipton Law, our skilled attorneys have successfully represented individuals in these challenging cases. We know how to conduct investigations on the road’s history, establish negligence and help you hold the appropriate party accountable for your accident-related losses.

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