No-Fault Claim Denial

Was Your Claim For No-Fault Benefits Wrongly Denied?

Coping with injuries from a car accident can be stressful and upsetting. The costs of hospital bills and other damages relating to car accidents and resulting injuries add up quickly, often leaving people wondering how they will be able to afford everything they need to fully recover.

In Michigan, no-fault insurance is required for all drivers for this very reason. This type of coverage provides payment for expenses ranging from wage and income loss benefits to certain medical expenses. But what happens if the insurance company denies your no-fault claim? Lipton Law can help when an insurance company has wrongly denied your claim for no-fault benefits.

Ways of Denying Your Claim

If you think it doesn’t make sense that an insurance company would deny you payment for benefits covered under your no-fault insurance policy, then you’d be right. It isn’t unheard of for an insurance adjuster to “leave out” different types of no-fault benefits you are entitled to or deny you reimbursement for benefit services you’ve received.

The insurance company may not tell you all the benefits you deserve to be given. This is why it is important to not sign anything or agree to benefits if you are suspicious that they are not sufficient.

Giving Up is Not an Option

If you have been denied no-fault insurance benefits, it can be tempting to give in and settle for less than you deserve. But with the right help on your side, obtaining the no-fault insurance benefits to which you are entitled doesn’t have to be difficult.

At Lipton Law, our personal injury lawyers know how to help you obtain the full benefits you deserve. We have dedicated years to resolving complex no-fault insurance claims. Contact us online today or call 248-557-1688 for more information about how we can make a difference.