Nursing Home Negligence

The Role of Negligence In Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Some forms of nursing home abuse are direct and intentional, but what happens when your loved one falls prey to a caregiver’s lack of action? If you do not have a strong legal background, you can have a difficult time establishing negligence.

The Lipton Law team is here to help. Our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys have spent years litigating on behalf of Michigan’s elderly population from our Southfield offices. We’ve earned a hard-fought reputation for being extremely tenacious and getting our clients what they deserve.

What Constitutes Nursing Home Negligence?

Negligence and neglect take many forms, but the one thing they all share is that they cause harm to your loved ones. A nursing home may jeopardize your relative’s well-being by:

  • Not providing an appropriate diet to help manage a known health condition
  • Not vetting employees properly to prevent abusive individuals from gaining access to residents
  • Neglecting its duty to create safe premises and correct hazards that could lead to slip-trip-or-fall accidents
  • Failing to supervise residents 
  • Failing to render the correct medical treatment after an accident or delaying such treatment

Not knowing that your loved one was prone to a particular hazard isn’t a valid excuse for letting him or her come to harm: It’s a nursing home’s business to assess risks and take steps to prevent them. It’s our business to prosecute facilities that fall short of this standard. Our Michigan elder abuse lawyers are willing to do everything in their power to help you pursue compensation.

Piecing Events Together to Make Cases More Successful

Litigation can be complicated, especially in nursing home abuse and neglect incidents where it might not be easy to establish a clear picture of the facts. 

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