Falls and Related Injuries

Nursing Home Falls: Helping Victims Explore Their Options

When you place a beloved relative in a nursing home, the last thing you expect is that they’ll be injured in someone else’s care. Unfortunately, incidents such as falls at nursing homes are more common than you might think, and many of them are preventable.

At Lipton Law, our dedicated Southfield elder abuse attorneys understand how challenging it can be for victims to keep a level head and respond to the mistreatment of a loved one. We’ve worked hard to earn the legal experience that lets us keep you informed as we defend your rights to compensation. Our highly knowledgeable staff is ready to support you when you file a claim against negligent parties.

Understanding Nursing Home Fall Cases

No two nursing home injuries are alike. Understanding the particulars of the fall that affected your loved one is vital to pursuing compensation for them. We work hard to discover compelling evidence that strengthens your case.

We regularly represent nursing home residents who have suffered injuries due to negligent acts that include:

  • Intentional mistreatment 
  • Failure to monitor residents
  • Failure to address slip-trip-or-fall hazards  
  • Delay in care after the fall 
  • Failure to provide appropriate rails, cushioned surfaces or mobility devices

Nursing home falls don’t just happen at random. They’re the combined result of many factors. To prove that you should receive compensation, you need to connect the dots so judges and juries see your side of the story. The lawyers at Lipton Law apply their exhaustive knowledge to help victims and survivors put the pieces together.

We’re passionate about helping you fight for the improved care or compensation you deserve.

Let Us Get to the Bottom of Your Case

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