How Michigan No-Fault Insurance Can Protect You After a Major Crash

How Michigan No-Fault Insurance Can Protect You After a Car Accident

Many people in Michigan hate the fact that they have to carry no-fault insurance in order to legally drive a vehicle. No-fault insurance is part of the reason why Michigan has some of the most expensive policy premiums out of every state in the country.

However, that large price comes with substantial benefits for those who have these policies. When someone gets hurt in a Michigan car accident, the medical costs can often exceed tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long term. Insurance caps and other issues, like uninsured drivers, can impact the ability of the victims of car crashes in other states to connect with the compensation that they need. This is true even if you attempt to reach a policy limits settlement with your insurance company.

Those who suffer severe and debilitating injuries in an accident in Michigan, on the other hand, generally don’t have to worry about the likely expenses related to their injury.

No-fault Insurance Protects Michigan Car Accident Victims from the Financial Consequences of a Crash

Provided that you have a solid policy on your vehicle, your no-fault insurance will do more than just alleviate your personal liability if you hurt someone else. Unlike strict liability insurance policies in other states, no-fault insurance will pay for your injuries regardless of the insurance status of the other driver.

When you consider the fact that some states have property damage coverage requirements as low as $10,000 and medical coverage requirements that aren’t much higher, it is possible for someone to get into an accident with an uninsured driver and wind up footing the bill for substantial medical and property damage costs.

No-fault insurance removes that risk. Regardless of how expensive the care is that someone needs or how long they require medical intervention, no-fault insurance will cover those costs. That protects individuals in Michigan, as well as protecting the state insurance programs that often wind up covering those hurt in accidents without adequate liability coverage.

Michigan Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

Just because you have a policy doesn’t mean you won’t have to fight for coverage.

While no-fault insurance does offer excellent protection to the residents of Michigan, that doesn’t mean that you should accept at face value any settlement offers from your insurance provider. Especially in the case of permanent or severe injuries, you will need to very carefully consider what you agree to before signing anything or making a verbal agreement.

For those with serious or permanent injuries related to a car crash, working with an experienced Michigan car accident attorney may be the best decision available. A lawyer will understand your rights under Michigan’s no-fault law. They can also educate you about the obligations of your insurance company.

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Before you accidentally limit your right to recover compensation, you want to discuss the details of your case and any settlement offer that you receive with a Michigan car accident attorney whose opinion you can trust.